Avis Engineering Ltd. has participated in many projects for building of transport infrastructure, which includes the following activities:

in the field of railway building:
       •    construction and reconstruction of  overhead lines;
       •    electrification  and centralization of railway trucks;
       •    construction of automatic and electronic systems in control of railway transport;  
       •    security installations;
       •    installation of optic telecommunication  mobile net.


in the field of public electrical transport:
       •    construction and reconstruction of trolley- bus and tram  overhead lines;
       •    construction of  power supply.


in the field of metro transport:
       •    railway track and electric contact line for platforms;  
       •    radio wiring installation.


in the field of mining transport:
       •    construction and reconstruction of   contact lines;
       •    security installations;
       •    radio wiring and telephoning  installation;
       •    heating  of  switches.



If you want to learn more about the activities, as well objects in which the our company has participated, you can download the company presentation here.


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