Rail-road baggers

Rail-road bagger – Atlas 1604 K-ZW

Rail-road excavators for work on earth road as well as on track. The excavators are specialized in making of ditches for centrifuge and rectangular foundations for poles, also ditches and alignment works for making of land bed with different slopes. Through pneumatic hammer the excavators have the possibility for breaking up of foundations, roads... The arrow of the excavators, equipped with hook for lifting of loads can be used for lifting and assembling of poles.


Atlas 1604 K-ZW

Number: 2

Parameters - machine:
Dimensions - width: 2,5 m; height: 4 m; length: 7,75 m
Overall weight: 22 t
Track movement equipment -
between tracks distance: 1435 mm

Bucket - width: 850 mm
Bucket - width: 500 mm
Grab - width: 600 mm
Grab - width: 280 mm
Hydraulic hammer
Carbide drill with strong drill head (Shnek) - height 4 m; diameter 0,9 m
Planning bucket - width: 2 m
Lifting load hook
Beam to tow a car on track


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