Reference site 17 for railway transport

“Reconstruction of the catenary at the closed station Bunovo”

Employer: NRIC
Location: Bunovo Station
Role of Avis Engineering Ltd.: Contractor

Nature of workConstruction and installation works for the above site, which were carried out in the period August – September 2020, include:

1. Tracing of 7 pcs. new poles.
2. Making of 7 pcs. foundations type F “C” for pole type BMK 5,7/11,15.
3. Straightening of 7 pcs. poles BMK 5.7/11.15.
4. Making of 2 pcs. anchors type KIA.
5. Delivery and installation of 7 pcs. one-way console set with insulators
6. Delivery and installation of 7 pcs. new clamps and groundings on reinforced concrete pole.
7. Anti-corrosion painting of 6 pcs. iron lattice poles with rehabilitation of their foundations
8. Installation of 1 pc. medium anchoring.
9. Regulation of 2 pcs. compensating devices.
10. Numbering, dating and placing plates on 13 pcs. poles.
11. Contact network regulation 1,200km

You can see the project certificate here.