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Project: “Rehabilitation of railway infrastructure along sections of the railway line Plovdiv – Burgas”

Part Catenary on Rоad 1 in section between stations Mihaylovo – Kaloyanovets with a total length of 7.988 km

Investor: “NRIC”
Contractor: Trace – Sofia AD
Role of “Avis Engineering” Ltd: Subcontractor

Implemented were the following works:
– Installation and rehabilitation of poles and foundations;
– Rehabilitation of the existing catenary, including: replacement of the messengers with new; painting of existing consoles and replacement of their insulators; replacement of groundings; replacement of droppers and dropper clamps; replacing of compensated, fixed Termination and mid point anchorings; replacement of section disconnectors; Replacement of the surge arrestors;
– Testing and putting into operation of the rehabilitated catenary.

Reference of the project: Look here…