Reference site 19 for railway transport

“Replacement of inclined and off-gauge reinforced concrete poles in the section Dimovo – Oreshets”

Employer: NRIC
Location: section Dimovo – Oreshets
Role of Avis Engineering Ltd.: Contractor

Nature of work:
Construction and installation works for the above site, which were carried out in the period november-december 2020, cover the reconstruction of the catenary at the section Dimovo – Oreshets from km 133 + 000 to km 129 + 900, including:

1. Tracing of 17 pcs. new poles.
2. Making of 17 pcs. foundations type F “C” for pole type BMK 5.7/11.15.
3. Straightening of 17 pcs. poles BMK 5.7/11.15.
4. Making of 1 pc. anchor type KIA.
5. Delivery and installation of 17 pcs. new clamps and grounding on reinforced concrete pole.
6. Numbering, dating and placing plates on 17 pcs. poles.
7. Contact network regulation – 1,200 km.

You can see the project certificate here.